Fans Believe The Game Awards 2023 Were A Disappointment

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Where Were The Exciting Game Reveals?

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  • The Game Awards are one of the most prestigious gaming events of the year.
  • However, fans were left disappointed with this year’s event.
  • Too many ads, a lack of updates on major titles, and failure to address recent layoffs are the main criticisms.

Following a stellar year for gaming, The Game Awards were expected to be an exciting event and conclude 2023 on a high note.

Each year, fans look forward to this esteemed event because it honors the best games of the year and updates fans on both new and anticipated projects. However, this year’s show missed the mark.

After the event concluded, many fans quickly expressed their disappointment due to the overabundance of advertisements and underwhelming reveals. Additionally, many felt that developers were not given enough respect at The Game Awards.

Why it matters: The Game Awards is one of the biggest events in the industry, attracting millions of viewers. Dubbed a celebration of the industry, this event failed to live up to this title.


One point of contention was that Geoff Keighley did not address the layoffs in the industry. Over the past months, multiple developers across all studios have lost their jobs. From Epic Games to Naughty Dog, nobody has been safe from this trend.

Others have pointed out that award winners were given little time for their speeches. While awards should allow these personalities to celebrate their big moment, The Game Awards used a teleprompter to ask developers to wrap their speeches up in a specified period.

For the average fan, however, the lack of exciting reveals became the biggest disappointment. While games like Dragon Ball Sparking Zero stole the show, there was an undeniable lack of massive moments.

Trailers for Death Stranding 2, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, and more were expected at The Game Awards. However, many of these moments were missing. Death Stranding fans, in particular, took to Reddit and discussed their disappointment after the event.

Disappointed that there was nothing about DS2 at the Game Awards
byu/LeonsGrave inDeathStranding

Fans were convinced the game would show up, but Hideo Kojima debuted a confusing look at OverDose. Still, the event was not all bad. A new Blade game from Arkane Lyon was announced, leading to excitement from Marvel and Xbox fans.

In addition to these flaws, many were upset by the padded-out format, with long ad breaks and interruptions running the pacing.

Even the director of Pentiment, Josh Sawyer, called out The Game Awards for poor performance. He said:

“This year’s Game Awards is an embarrassing indictment of a segment of the industry.”

These strong words echo the gaming industry’s feelings about the overall show, highlighting that Geoff Keighley failed to create an event that would celebrate this award show’s 10th anniversary.

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