Devs Claim COD Destroys God of War In Sales After Kratos Actor Ridiculed MW3

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Actor Made Fun of 4-Hour MW3 Campaign!

Story Highlights
  • Christoper Judge, the current voice actor of Kratos, ridiculed the short Modern Warfare 3 campaign on stage at The Game Awards.
  • This led to reactions from Call of Duty developers, with some reacting harshly while others hoped for more empathy from their peers.
  • The voice actor of Captain Price also commented.

The Game Awards 2023 have been quite eventful. With new trailers for Hellblade 2, Rise of the Ronin, and Baldur’s Gate 3 taking home Game of the Year, this showcase had plenty to offer during its three-hour-long runtime.

However, during the very beginning, Christopher Judge returned to the show after receiving an award for his performance as Kratos in God of War Ragnarok last year. The voice actor also made a hilarious comment about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

While this comment was likely intended as a light jab at the recent game, it has become quite controversial, leading to responses from various Call of Duty developers. One of the developers even claimed that COD destroys God of War.

Why it matters: This incident has led to complete chaos, leading to responses from multiple developers and even Captain Price’s voice actor.

YouTube video

Taking to the stage at The Game Awards 2023, Christopher Judge reflected on his speech from 2022.

Kratos’ voice actor became famous for his long speech, taking up nearly 10 minutes of the show. He assured the audience he would not take as much time this year and proceeded to take a jab at Modern Warfare 3. Christopher Judge said:

” No 8-minute speech like last year, but fun fact, my speech was longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign.”

In the moment, this comment was seen as a hilarious remark, leading to roars of laughter from the crowd. The recent Call of Duty campaign has been criticized for lasting under 4 hours, and Christopher Judge did not pull any punches.

However, after the dust had settled, developers who had worked on the Call of Duty franchise did not take this joke lightly. As reported by Charlie Intel, multiple developers responded with their own take on the situation.

One developer said:

“The metrics that COD destroys all of the God of War games is equally laughable.”

Others pointed to Call of Duty’s advantage in terms of user engagement, which was a strong suit of Modern Warfare 3.

However, amidst the chaos, another developer brought up a great point. Modern Warfare 3’s troubled development is no secret, and the tweet urged industry professionals to show empathy to their peers instead of ridiculing them on such a major platform.

According to earlier reports, this Call of Duty title was created in 16 months, leading to poor results. Therefore, many saw Christopher Judge’s comment as more than just a harmless joke.

The comment also received a response from Captain Price himself. Barry Sloane, the voice actor bringing this iconic reimaging of the character to life, did not appreciate the joke and reacted with an even harsher response.

Thankfully, Barry Sloane followed up with a tweet, clearing the air and appreciating Christopher Judge for his work in Stargate. Christopher Judge has yet to respond, but the voice actor will likely acknowledge the situation after it seemingly spiraled out of control on social media.

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