Modern Warfare 3 Sets New Record For Player Engagement In Call of Duty

Highest Engagement In Modern Warfare Trilogy!

Story Highlights
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released on November 9.
  • Despite initial skepticism, the game has been an incredibly engaging release for the players.
  • The zombies mode is also doing better than recent extras from the Modern Warfare trilogy.

Activision seems to be proving yet again that Call of Duty is destined for success year after year. Despite poor reviews and a negatively received campaign, Modern Warfare 3 is doing well.

This entry has managed to outperform its predecessors in a number of categories. Activision is celebrating this success with a tweet thanking players for making Modern Warfare 3 the most engaged in Call of Duty title.

Why it matters: Call of Duty’s success is no secret, but this year seemed different. With so much negativity around the game, many believed that Activision’s $70 release would be a complete flop.

Activision asserted that it had a historical launch for Modern Warfare 3. The publisher states that it has been an honor to see these results from the players. It also congratulated the developers for such outstanding records.

Apart from the traditional campaign and multiplayer, zombies has become the most successful extra mode in Modern Warfare history. This means it has performed better than DMZ and Spec Ops.

These results highlight a discrepancy between players and the critics. While the general public appears to be against this entry, many dedicated fans are enjoying the changes introduced by Sledgehammer Games.

The older Modern Warfare 2 maps have also helped the multiplayer become more enjoyable, although it comes at the expense of a fresh experience.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Commenting on the multiplayer reception, Activision editorial manager David Hodgson stated:

“We’re incredibly inspired from the reactions so far.”

Returning mechanics like slide canceling, a more traditional perk system, and classic minimap behavior have also contributed to the success.

Modern Warfare 3 is just getting started.

While the game launched with mostly old content for the multiplayer, new maps and modes are coming in the post-launch seasons. The game’s first season is expected to begin next month, introducing plenty of new content to the game.

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