Fans Believe Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Is Worst One To Date

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MW3 Off To A Poor Start With Campaign!

Story Highlights
  • The Modern Warfare 3 campaign is available for players who pre-ordered the game.
  • Fans are disappointed with the boring objective and shorter experience of the campaign.
  • It didn’t live up to expectations as the third game in the rebooted trilogy.

Modern Warfare 3 is one of the last big releases of 2023. With the game being a few days away, Activision has unlocked the campaign for customers of the early access bundle, allowing them to try the latest narrative offering of Call of Duty.

While the game was just made available yesterday, players have already completed the Modern Warfare 3 campaign in three hours, calling it the worst one in the franchise.

Why it matters: The game costs around the same amount as other premium releases, and it doesn’t offer half the amount of new content as other releases, which is frustrating for players.

This is hands down the worst CoD campaign I’ve ever played and Warzone is 100% to blame
byu/D_ultimateplayer inModernWarfareIII

One fan recently made a Reddit post, sharing opinions about Modern Warfare 3.

The campaign of the game can be completed in under 4 hours, making it considerably shorter than its predecessor. As always, Call of Duty offers more than just a campaign, including multiplayer and zombie modes.

In addition to the length, fans are furious about the amount of time spent in locations from Warzone. While prior games took players across various locations, Sledgehammer Games has stuck to Verdansk for a number of missions in this story mode.

Fans are also upset about the objectives of the game as they lack variety and don’t offer anything new or exciting. We can see where this criticism comes from since the developers could’ve done much more with this type of campaign.

While expectations were high after Makarov made his debut in the rebooted Modern Warfare trilogy, fans have found themselves underwhelmed after this release.

Modern Warfare 3

For more information, you can refer to the Reddit post. However, it would be best to go in with no prior knowledge for a fresh experience.

Ultimately, fans have been let down by Sledgehammer Games. Some have blamed Warzone for this disappointing campaign, stating that its influence has been detrimental to the traditional style of Call of Duty stories.

Nonetheless, we hope Sledgehammer Games will use this feedback to improve its future games. The developers have already confirmed the franchise will continue for many more years, so there is still a lot of potential for future stories.

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