Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Lasts Under 4 Hours

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Short Campaign Almost Feels Like DLC!

Story Highlights
  • Modern Warfare 3 can be completed faster than its predecessor.
  • Activision is still charging $70 for the game.
  • Fans have not been impressed with the campaign.

Modern Warfare 3 is now available for early-access buyers. This period grants access to the game’s campaign, allowing players to experience the latest iteration of the rebooted Modern Warfare trilogy, featuring iconic villains like Makarov.

However, unlike previous titles, Modern Warfare 3 appears to be much shorter. Players who have completed the campaign have reported that it can be completed in under 3.5 hours.

Why it matters: Activision is charging $70 for this game, but players are not pleased with the fact that the campaign is not as feature-packed as last year’s Modern Warfare 2.

As pointed out by Twitter users, Modern Warfare 3 can be completed in just over 3 hours. This makes it one of the shortest campaigns of the series despite its reliance on a tried-and-tested formula.

Last year, Infinity Ward teased the return of the iconic villain, Makarov. This campaign does not appear to do the villain justice, relying on shock value and setting up another teaser for the next game.

The campaign has ultimately disappointed fans who were expecting a more thrilling and exciting narrative. Furthermore, the fact that Modern Warfare 3 is reusing all of its maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 has only added to the frustration.

Previously, reports claimed that Modern Warfare 3 was expected to be DLC for last year’s premium entry. The game’s PSN code, the lack of a platinum trophy, and the latest information about the campaign length appear to verify that this was the case.

Still, Activision appears to be content selling the game as a $70 package

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Judging from the early reactions, it might be best to wait for discounts before purchasing the game. Despite the anticipation, this entry does not appear to offer the high-quality experience Call of Duty is known far.

Nonetheless, the title is now available for those looking to try the campaign. While new additions are minimal, this entry introduces open combat, a new style of missions that offers more open environments to mix things up from the traditional linear campaign.

However, this has not been enough to help the game stand out after 20 years of Call of Duty releases.

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