Nintendo Switch 2 Expected To Handle Ray Tracing At 1080p Thanks To DLSS

Control With DLSS And RT At 1080p 30FPS!

Story Highlights
  • An analysis has estimated the performance of Nintendo Switch 2 with equivalent specs.
  • An underclocked GeForce RTX 2050 was used for this test.
  • The upcoming console may be able to handle ray tracing in some games with aggressive DLSS.

There is little to no official information known about the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2. However, many leaks have revealed crucial information, previously reporting that the handheld was shown to the media at Gamescom 2023.

In the following days, other sources claimed that the handheld was shown with the Matrix UE5 Demo. The folks at Digital Foundry have tried to put these claims to the test, using an estimated configuration to predict the Nintendo Switch 2 performance.

This analysis suggests that the console may be ideal for 1080p/30FPS gameplay with DLSS.

Why it matters: Nintendo has never been ahead of its rivals in terms of hardware. However, the new console is expected to be a noticeable step up over the current hybrid console.

The video uses a Dell Vostro 5630 laptop to replicate the specs of the Nintendo Switch 2. Nintendo’s console is expected to use the Tegra T239, a custom chip.

While this chip will likely come with its own quirks, the YouTube channel uses a bandwidth-starved GeForce RTX 2050 at 750MHz with a 64-bit memory bus for an equivalent configuration to the Nintendo hardware.

The Nintendo Switch 2 may be more capable than initially expected. While this setup failed to run The Matrix Awakens due to memory constraints, games like Cyberpunk 2077 delivered respectable results.

For starters, Cyberpunk 2077 required DLSS Quality to achieve 30FPS at 1080p Medium settings. However, when experimenting with console Performance settings, DLSS Balanced at 1080p could not maintain a solid 30FPS.

With such results, ray tracing was already out of the question. However, moving to Control, the configuration delivered impressive results, punching way above its weight class.

Running at 1080p DLSS Balanced with console equivalent settings, including Medium ray tracing, this setup delivered a stable 30FPS.

Nintendo Switch 2

Therefore, the Nintendo Switch 2 may be able to handle ray tracing at 1080p with careful optimization and planning. With the hybrid console expected to cost around $400, this can be considered a decent result.

These results clearly highlight that DLSS will be a key component for the console. With Nintendo expected to include DLSS 3.5 for its Ampere-based hardware, Nvidia’s AI innovations will help it run much more ambitious titles than the last Nintendo console.

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