Nintendo Switch 2 Allegedly Revealed To Media At Gamescom 2023

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Full Reveal May Be Closer Than Expected!

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be the next big console release in the gaming industry. Hot off the heels of the Nintendo Switch, its successor has big shoes to fill. However, Nintendo has yet to make any official announcements.

While a reveal was not expected anytime soon, a reliable leaker has heard that select media members and developers have already been given their first look at the Nintendo Switch 2 at Gamescom 2023.

Why it matters: The Nintendo Switch is the gaming giant’s second most successful console, and it was also the best-selling console of the last generation, leading the PS4 by a large margin.

Jez Corden is a popular leaker who has accurately reported on various games in the past.

He has also been known to leak information beforehand and now claims to have heard about new Nintendo hardware. According to the leaker, Nintendo may have already shown its next console to certain people.

He went on to speculate that a reveal may be imminent. While this remains to be seen, the Nintendo Switch is quickly approaching the end of its lifespan, and it would not be surprising for Nintendo to begin teasing its next console.

Earlier rumors suggested that the gaming giant is expected to release the console in the second half of 2024 with an 8-inch screen and 512GB of storage.

Nintendo Switch 2 Backward Compatibility

While this sounds exciting, Nintendo is still supporting the Nintendo Switch. A new 2D Mario game, Super Mario Bros Wonder, has been announced recently, with a new Nintendo Direct also scheduled for August 31.

If Nintendo were to reveal its new console, the gaming giant could risk taking the spotlight away from the Nintendo Switch, which continues to do well on the market, recently reaching nearly 130 million lifetime sales.

As such, the gaming giant may have planned a small tease to keep the excitement going for the Nintendo Switch before the inevitable reveal in a few months.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to bring a much-needed hardware upgrade to the platform.

Judging from the console manufacturer’s history, the console will have no shortage of great games, with backward compatibility for the Nintendo Switch also expected to carry over numerous high-quality games from recent years.

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