Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2 Expected To Feature 12GB DDR5 RAM & 256GB Storage

According to new data, the Nintendo Switch 2 could ship with 12GB of memory and 256GB of storage next year.

Nintendo Switch 2 Reveal Officially Coming Before March 2025

Nintendo has confirmed that it will announce Switch 2 this fiscal year, and a Direct announcement will also occur in June.

Nintendo Switch 2 Targets 4 TFLOPs Vs Predecessor’s 0.5 TFLOPs

It seems Nvidia wants Nintendo to aim for 4 TFLOPs in Docked mode for the Switch 2, encouraging the console giant to pursue aggressive clocks.

Nintendo Switch 2: Nearly All Games To Rely on Nvidia DLSS

According to an insider, the Nintendo Switch 2 will use DLSS for most of its game, punching above its weight.

Nintendo Switch 2 To Offer PS4 Pro-Like Performance, Says Leaker

Nintendo Switch 2 performance will be comparable to PS4 Pro, while the image quality and battery will be better than Steam Deck.

Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Arriving March 2025

According to a new report, the Nintendo Switch 2 is targeting a March 2025 release to manage stock and software availability.

Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Reportedly Pushed Back To Q1 2025

New reports suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 will now be released in Q1 2025 instead of the previously rumored 2024 window.

Nintendo Switch 2 Reveal Set For March, Says Insider

A new rumor has surfaced from a reliable insider, suggesting that the Nintendo Switch 2 announcement could be set for March 2024.

Nintendo Switch 2: 10 Million Units In Production For Launch Fiscal Year

According to reports, Nintendo will be prepared for the Switch 2 launch with 10 million shipments for the initial fiscal year.

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