Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Arriving March 2025

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Delayed to Manage Stock and Launch Games!

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  • The Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly targeting a March 2025 release window.
  • It was previously rumored to be launching in late 2024, close to the PS5 Pro.
  • The console was delayed to make sure that enough stock and software were available at launch.

Since the beginning of 2024, we have heard much about the Nintendo Switch 2. The successor was first rumored to be released in late 2024, but a recent report claimed that it is now targeting a Q1 2025 launch, which has been further corroborated by new sources.

According to a new report by Nikkei, the console has been slated for a March 2025 release.

Why it matters: The original Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017. Therefore, the Japanese gaming giant is no stranger to releasing new hardware in the first quarter of a year. 

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch 2 Concept

With nearly all sources in agreement with the early 2025 launch, Nintendo’s next console is unlikely to arrive this year. However, Nikkei has also revealed the reason for the apparent delay.

It suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 will follow a similar functional design as the original. With both docked and handheld functionality, the hardware will be immediately familiar to existing Nintendo users.

While fans might be disappointed with the new launch window, the delay was necessary for a few reasons. Nintendo wants to make sure that enough stock is available to meet the first-year demand.

The company is reportedly lining up 10 million units for its first Fiscal year. Moreover, it wants to make sure that the Nintendo Switch 2 comes with a solid first-party lineup.

Not too long ago, consoles like the Xbox Series S|X did not have much to offer in terms of launch exclusives, so Nintendo is not keen on making the same error.

nintendo top 5 rated games of 2023 by metacritic
Best Games on Nintendo Hardware Last Year

The Nintendo Switch 2 is a much-needed new era we can’t wait for. The handheld is rumored to feature a more powerful chip capable of modern tech like DLSS and ray tracing. Furthermore, it will come with a bigger 8-inch LCD screen.

The March 2025 release windows now line up nicely with Nintendo’s usual launch policy. It also pushes it away from the probable launch of PlayStation 5 Pro in late 2024 to limit the competition.

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