Spider-Man 2 Early Script Shows Bigger Venom Focus Than Final Game

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Did Spider-Man 2 Waste Venom With Rushed Finale?

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  • An early Spider-Man 2 script has been leaked and shows many differences from the final game.
  • The early script reveals a bigger role for Venom.
  • Surprisingly, Kraven isn’t mentioned in the early script, indicating he was added to the game later.

Spider-Man 2, one of the GOTY contenders of 2023 and the third biggest superhero game on Metacritic, has sold over 10 million copies within just four months. Sony went all out with this game but failed to win any major awards.

One major reason for this might have been the rushed third act. Many felt Insomniac did not wrap up the game’s narrative well, with the character of Venom being underutilized in many ways. However, an early script shows this was not the case initially.

Why it matters: Venom is the most iconic Spider-Man foe, and Insomniac promised to do the character justice.

Full Early Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story script
byu/Joaomatias40 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

The leaked script has been shared on Reddit. It shows that Kraven was not in the game at all, likely because Insomniac chose to focus on Venom.

Kraven arguably played a bigger role than Venom in the final game, becoming the catalyst for symbiote Peter through the course of the game. However, his omission may have led to more screen time for Venom in the early script.

MJ also seems to have been a big focus in the early script. While many wanted Insomniac to remove MJ from the game altogether, she played a major role in the narrative till the very end, and this did not change much for the final draft.

Much like the final game, Venom shows up quite late in the leaked script, but he gets to interact with Peter and Miles on multiple occasions. This is interesting since Tony Todd already hinted at cut content for Venom from Spider-Man 2.

In terms of the finale, the script shows what could have been a more fitting conclusion leading into the next game. We won’t talk about it here for spoiler reasons, but you can read the script if you have already completed Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Despite the bigger Venom focus, many fans still feel this script has the core problems of the final game.

This iconic foe needed even more time in the game, with his arc fleshed out further. Fortunately for us and everyone who wants more Venom, Insomniac is working on a solo spin-off based on the character, according to recent leaks.

Nonetheless, Spider-Man 2 launched to critical acclaim. For all its flaws, the game had undeniable strengths in various aspects, making it one of last year’s most enjoyable titles to play.

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