Spider-Man 2 Is The Third Best Superhero Game On Metacritic

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Batman Arkham City & Asylum Are Top 2!

2023 has been a great year for gamers, with Spider-Man 2 being the latest game released. This superhero adventure has received nothing but praise from the fans and critics.

Earlier this week, it received excellent reviews and became the best seller on Amazon, leading to high expectations for the launch. One reviewer even declared it to be better than the pinnacle of superhero games, Batman Arkham City.

However, Spider-Man 2 falls behind Batman Arkham City, becoming the third-best superhero game on Metacritic.

Why it matters: Spider-Man 2 marks Insomniac’s first 90-plus score on Metacritic in many years. The game is currently tied as the studio’s highest-rated title.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Unsurprisingly, Batman Arkham City takes the top spot, and Batman Arkham Asylum sits in second place. The former is rated 94/100, while the latter is just one point ahead of Spider-Man 2 with a score of 92/100.

These releases practically redefined the superhero genre at a time when most studios did not see much potential in such games. Until recently, no superhero games could even come close to the Batman Arkham franchise.

This changed five years ago when Insomniac debuted its first Spider-Man release. While the game wasn’t able to match the genre-defining Batman games, it was a notable step up over everything that had come before.

Regardless, Spider-Man 2 is another great entry in the superhero genre, edging closer to the throne of Batman Arkham City. It has shown an impressive leap in areas like visuals, gameplay, and immersion.

Therefore, we look forward to an enjoyable experience in the revamped open world of New York soon.

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Using the PS5, Spider-Man 2 delivers a much more compelling experience than its predecessor. With practically no loading screens, players are able to instantly switch between characters and swing through New York at breakneck speeds.

Such additions and a refined formula have allowed Insomniac to come very close to the greatness of the Batman Arkham franchise, and the studio may even surpass the Batman franchise with its eventual follow-up.

Spider-Man 2 is now available worldwide, and Insomniac has assured fans that it will be worth the $70 price, as it aims to deliver the ultimate superhero fantasy.

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