Nintendo Claims It Prioritizes Games Over Hardware Capabilities

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The Player Experience Matters More!

With the rumors of a 2024 release for the Nintendo Switch 2 floating around, the gaming giant has the opportunity to introduce a console that is much more capable than its last two offerings.

Rumors claim that the console will support ray tracing, Unreal Engine 5, and more RAM than the Xbox Series S. Therefore, many are excited to learn more about the new console.

However, the gaming giant recently clarified that it is more focused on games than hardware features.

Why it matters: While the Nintendo Switch is an excellent console, its hardware and lack of raw power have always left a lot to be desired.

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During a recent interview with Inverse, Doug Bowser was asked about the disparity between the Nintendo Switch and rival hardware.

He was also asked whether distinctive art styles prove better for games than pushing for higher fidelity graphics. In response, Doug Bowser stated:

“What’s most important to us is not what’s inside the machine or the device, but what happens when you start engaging in the gameplay experience.”

He pointed out that he enjoys what each platform brings to the industry. However, for Nintendo, fun and engagement take priority above all else.

Therefore, the gaming giant can use different art styles without restricting itself to one particular visual style. As long as the result leads to a fun time for consumers, Nintendo is more than happy to experiment.

Doug Bowser also pointed out that Nintendo’s variety is its most important asset. He then alluded to the console’s sales figures, stating that consumers have voted that this approach is working well.

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We agree with Doug Bowser’s point of view. The Nintendo Switch is still doing great in 2023, with releases like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario Wonder receiving excellent Metacritic scores.

However, with that said, more powerful hardware is always welcome since it can result in other quality-of-life improvements like 60FPS gameplay.

Despite the Nintendo president’s statement, the next console from the manufacturer is shaping up to be impressive. It may not live up to the PlayStation and Xbox home consoles, but fans can certainly look forward to a much better handheld experience.

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