The Nintendo Switch Has Crossed 129.53 Million Sales Worldwide

Could Beat PS2 Record of 159 Million!

The Nintendo Switch marked a massive shift for Nintendo in the home console market. After a disappointing run with the Wii U, the gaming giant returned to the gaming industry with a bold concept of a hybrid console.

Despite some skepticism, Nintendo managed to appeal to the masses, and the Nintendo Switch is widely considered one of the best consoles in the gaming industry six years later.

The gaming giant’s latest financial report confirms a new sales milestone, with the hybrid console selling over 129.53 million units.

Why it matters: Nintendo was already on track to break Sony’s longtime record of the best-selling console. The latest sales figures mean that the Nintendo Switch can break this record.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

With the console in its seventh year on the market, the sales are nothing short of impressive.

Nintendo has managed to continue its momentum through quality first-party releases. The current year has already seen releases like a new Zelda game and Metroid Prime Remastered.

Nintendo has also announced a new Mario game for 2023, further improving its already strong lineup of games. Therefore, the coming months could lead to another sales boost for the console.

As mentioned earlier, the latest figure puts the Nintendo Switch around 30 million sales short of the best-selling console record. If the gaming giant can continue this current momentum, this goal does not sound far-fetched.

Reports have suggested that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will hit markets in the second half of 2024. If true, this would allow the hybrid console to enjoy another year of success.

Nintendo may also continue to support the last-gen hardware after the next iteration is released, leading to the possibility of Nintendo’s latest hardware becoming the best-selling console of all time.

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