Here Are The Games That Got Me Hooked On Gaming

Having explored the Pokemon games and GTA Vice City very early on, I was immediately hooked on gaming for the rest of my life.

PS5 And Xbox Series S|X Sales In UK Down By 25% This Year

According to recent sales data from the UK, gaming consoles from all major manufacturers have suffered worse sales in 2024 than in 2023.

Nintendo Anticipates Longer Development Cycles For Future Games

Nintendo estimates even longer development times for its titles in the future, intending to prepare for this challenge.

Nintendo Switch 2 Expected To Feature 12GB DDR5 RAM & 256GB Storage

According to new data, the Nintendo Switch 2 could ship with 12GB of memory and 256GB of storage next year.

Nintendo Recorded More Profit in Switch Era Than In 1981-2016

Nintendo has made record profits since the release of the Switch, making more revenue than in the last few decades combined.

Nintendo Switch 2 Reveal Officially Coming Before March 2025

Nintendo has confirmed that it will announce Switch 2 this fiscal year, and a Direct announcement will also occur in June.

Nintendo Switch 2 Targets 4 TFLOPs Vs Predecessor’s 0.5 TFLOPs

It seems Nvidia wants Nintendo to aim for 4 TFLOPs in Docked mode for the Switch 2, encouraging the console giant to pursue aggressive clocks.

2025 Shaping Up To Be One of Gaming’s Biggest Years

From new hardware and exciting technologies to massive games, 2025 is shaping up to be the complete package for gaming enthusiasts.

Nintendo Switch 2: Nearly All Games To Rely on Nvidia DLSS

According to an insider, the Nintendo Switch 2 will use DLSS for most of its game, punching above its weight.

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