Battlefield 1 Was Released On This Day 7 Years Ago

Stunning WW1 Experience!

Several years ago, massive shooters like Call of Duty went all in with a sci-fi setting. This led to many becoming tired of such elements in first-person shooter games, hoping to return to a traditional experience. EA used this desire to its benefit, delivering Battlefield 1 in 2016.

Battlefield 1 had many defining characteristics, but its authenticity to World War 1 was arguably the game’s best trait. Today, the game celebrates its 7th anniversary, standing out as one of Dice’s finest first-person shooter releases.

Why it matters: The World War 1 shooter was the last modern release from Dice that remained unaffected by controversies or a poor launch.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 still delivers the most atmospheric experience in the franchise. The voice acting, visuals, and soundtracks immediately pull players in, immersing them in a World War 1 shooter unlike any other.

This release changed many parts of the franchise. For starters, it offered a more barebones selection of weapons on day one. While this was considered a step back from older games, it maintained the theme of authenticity.

The game also replaced Levolution from Battlefield 4 with Behemoths. These massive vehicles would appear toward the end of a big battle, allowing the losing team one final opportunity to make a comeback.

Such additions led to many jaw-dropping moments during multiplayer gameplay, as players rushed to take down these weapons of mass destruction while the other team hoped to use them to achieve victory.

The game also delivered a major step up over its predecessor in terms of single-player content. Battlefield 1 introduced multiple stories focused on individual characters, leading to a better narrative than its predecessor.

The first-person shooter’s opening section, in particular, was excellent, showcasing the dreadful nature of war and the countless number of lives lost in the process.

Battlefield 1

We enjoyed our time with Battlefield 1. Even though we missed a few elements like helicopters from modern Battlefield games, Dice ensured the World War 1 setting brought fun gameplay elements without sacrificing authenticity.

Battlefield 1 was a commercial success, selling over 15 million copies worldwide and becoming one of the best-selling titles in the history of the franchise.

Last year, the game saw a resurgence after players were disappointed with Battlefield 2042. However, a series of updates have helped the latter regain popularity among the masses.

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