Xbox Series S|X Saw 2x Boost In UK Sales After Starfield Launch

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September Sales 136% Higher Than In August!

Eight years of work from Bethesda have culminated in the studio’s biggest release. With over 10 million players, the studio has delivered the most successful console exclusive for the Xbox Series S|X.

Previously, it was reported that this release led to a massive sales surge for the Xbox Series S|X consoles in September. The latest report from Gamesindustry provides more accurate numbers, pointing to a 2x increase in UK console sales compared to August.

Why it matters: These figures demonstrate the impact of console exclusives and big AAA releases.


According to the statistics, the Xbox consoles saw an increment of 136% in month-on-month sales in September. This was largely due to the incredibly successful release of Starfield, which encouraged new customers to jump into the Xbox ecosystem.

Surprisingly, Microsoft’s more expensive console sold the most units, outselling the Xbox Series S by a narrow margin of around 100 consoles. With both consoles combined, Microsoft saw much better results than in previous months.

Despite the anticipation of Starfield, PlayStation remained in the lead. The PS5 was also the best-selling console in the US last month, reaching similar success in the UK. Both of the consoles also managed to outperform the Nintendo Switch in these regions.

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Apart from the UK, Starfield led to similar results in the US. In addition to being the best-selling game last month, it helped Xbox consoles reach success that was last seen as early as 2016.

We believe Starfield proves Xbox should invest in more exclusives. With one release already making such an impact, a consistent lineup of system sellers would provide a much-needed boost for Microsoft’s latest consoles.

Fortunately, Microsoft is doing just that for the future. September was a great month for Xbox by all measures.

The gaming giant released its best first-party game for current-generation consoles, found success in hardware sales, and likely benefitted from a surge in Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Microsoft hopes to continue this success, targeting as many as 4 first-party titles each year.

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