Starfield Was The Best-Selling Game In The US Last Month

Massive Achievement For Starfield!

Starfield has been out for less than two months, but it has already claimed the title of the biggest Xbox release of this generation. Despite a plethora of new games, the RPG was recently seen at the third spot on the list of most played Xbox games.

Microsoft has confirmed over 10 million have played the RPG, but it has not revealed official sales figures. However, a report from Circana points to a massive success. In the US alone, Starfield was the best-selling game of September.

Why it matters: September had many massive releases. Therefore, the report proves that Bethesda’s work on the long-awaited title brought great results.

Like previous months, Circana has shared the stats for the best-selling games in the US.

Last month, the list was led by the likes of Mortal Kombat 1, EA Sports FC 24, and more. However, Starfield came out on top, leaving every other release across all platforms in the dust.

While this is already impressive on its own, unlike the competition, Bethesda released its game on Xbox Game Pass. Despite easy access through a subscription service, it appears players have gone ahead and purchased the game.

Aside from the US, Bethesda’s RPG has left its mark in the European market. Having become the fifth fastest-selling release in the region, the game has conquered several markets.

Starfield also helped drive console sales for the Xbox Series S|X. Therefore, the game has kicked off Microsoft’s first-party lineup with a massive impact.


We are extremely happy for Bethesda and Microsoft on this success. The developer spent nearly a decade crafting this immersive RPG experience, which appears to have paid off.

Like other Bethesda games, Starfield is expected to go through a long period of success. Future content is already on the way from Bethesda, and mods will ensure players continue to find different ways of enjoying the massive universe of the RPG.

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