Starfield Is Still The Third Most Played Game On Xbox

Going Strong One Month After Release!

Starfield was released to much anticipation on 6 September, becoming the biggest Xbox Series S|X game soon after its release. In addition to reaching 10 million players, the game received praise for its depth and freedom.

A strong focus on core RPG mechanics and exploration has enabled Starfield to stay relevant in the industry a month after its release. The game is still impressive, as it remains the third most-played game on Xbox.

Why it matters: Starfield has been Bethesda’s labor of love for its fans and the RPG genre. Therefore, years of hard work have culminated in the game’s current success.

Starfield Most Played Game
Source: Microsoft

As seen above, the most-played section on Xbox is dominated by free-to-play games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Starfield comes in third place, trailing behind two of the most popular multiplayer games. Other free-to-play games like Apex Legends and Rocket League have not been able to keep up with Bethesda’s latest release.

However, it should be noted Starfield’s presence on Xbox Game Pass provides it a unique advantage over many of 2023’s latest releases. Games like Cyberpunk 2077, while more popular than ever, have not been able to compete due to this advantage.

Starfield’s continued momentum can also be seen on other platforms. Over on Steam, the game continues to peak at nearly 100K players daily, staying among the most played games on the platform.


Nonetheless, we believe Starfield is excellent at providing a compelling RPG experience, and the game deserves all the attention it is receiving. Bethesda also deserves a lot of credit, working for nearly a decade to ensure a polished release.

Much of the game’s longevity comes from deliberate gameplay design, as Todd Howard already realized Starfield would attract players for many years. Therefore, the studio’s approach appears to have been a successful one.

With future updates like DLSS support, the game will continue to flourish and break new boundaries. While Microsoft is looking ahead and preparing for future first-party games, Starfield’s positive aspects have ensured players will not forget about the game anytime soon.

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