Starfield: Bethesda Confirms Official DLSS Support In The Works

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Much Requested FOV Slider Also Coming!

Starfield launched recently on PC and Xbox and quickly rose in popularity. The game crossed 6 million players, becoming Bethesda’s biggest RPG, and continues to be played by hundreds of thousands of players on Steam.

In terms of concurrent players, it reached a peak of over 313K concurrent players, surpassing popular games like The Elder Scrolls 5 from Bethesda. However, the game has a few problems with optimization.

Starfield fails to run at a stable 60FPS on graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 3060 at native 1080p, and it lacked DLSS at release. However, this is changing soon, and Bethesda has confirmed official DLSS support is on the way.

Why it matters: DLSS is the superior upscaling technology compared to AMD FSR. Nvidia is also the market leader for PC gaming graphics cards, making DLSS a nearly mandatory inclusion for AAA games in 2023.


Bethesda has just dropped the first update for Starfield, making small adjustments and bug fixes for the RPG.

However, the gaming giant confirms future updates will bring much-requested features. This includes the addition of DLSS, which is currently available through a mod on PC.

The studio did not clarify if the upscaling would support recent DLSS additions like frame generation, but more details are expected to be revealed at a later date as the update draws nearer.

Starfield also received criticism for the lack of a FOV slider at release. PC gamers are used to wider FOV than consoles, but the game does not allow changes to this setting without a third-party mod.

Nonetheless, a slider for FOV settings is scheduled to be added to Starfield. The complete list of features coming to the game includes:

  • Brightness and Contrast controls 
  • HDR Calibration Menu 
  • FOV Slider 
  • Nvidia DLSS Support (PC) 
  • 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC) 
  • Eat button for food

Additionally, Bethesda asserts that it is working with Intel, AMD, and Nvidia to improve driver support for better performance and stability across all major PC combinations.


While modding is in full swing on PC already, the update provides a brief overview of the studio’s plans for official mod support. Bethesda confirms built-in mods will be added to the game next year across all platforms.

Starfield’s PC optimization has received mixed reactions. Todd Howard previously claimed that gamers might need to upgrade their builds for the game, but future updates should ensure the game offers better performance across a wide range of PC hardware.

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