Starfield Surpassed 6 Million Players In Less Than 10 Days

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Biggest Bethesda Launch To Date!

Not too long ago, Todd Howard revealed that Bethesda expects Starfield to be its biggest launch despite a rich history with impressive RPGs. Following release, the game seems to be living up to the studio’s expectations.

Yesterday, Phil Spencer revealed that Starfield has already become Xbox’s most-played next-gen exclusive and had accumulated over a million concurrent players, making it an exceptional launch.

Following such figures, Starfield has reached over 6 million players, making it Bethesda’s biggest launch to date.

Why it matters: The game had over five years of anticipation behind it, and the studio spent nearly a decade perfecting its most ambitious RPG.

This announcement comes nearly 8 days after the game entered early access.

While the full release has only been around for two days, the game was estimated to have reached over 2 million players in early access alone. As such, the full release has led to an additional 4 million players for the game.

Prior to release, many were concerned that Xbox exclusivity would prevent the game from reaching the masses. However, Game Pass appears to have played a massive role in bringing millions of new players to the sci-fi universe.

Todd Howard has also claimed that Xbox exclusivity made Starfield a better game as it is easier to develop a game for a specific set of hardware. As such, Xbox exclusivity has played a major part in the title’s current success.


This is just the beginning of a long road for Starfield. Millions of players are likely to continue enjoying the game since Bethesda games usually live for many users through a dedicated modding community.

The RPG has already gathered over a hundred mods in a short period, and official mod support from Bethesda is also coming at a later date.

Starfield has made a major impact on the industry. The game’s success appears to be just what Xbox was looking for, as it recently claimed that the RPG would mark the beginning of a long list of quality first-party titles.

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