Starfield: Bethesda Expects Bigger Launch Than Any Previous Game

"Expecting More People Than Previous Games!"

Starfield is finally out today, and the Steam reviews have also provided early impressions from players who spent several hours with the game in early access. On Steam, 86% of the nearly 14K reviews are positive, hinting that fans are having a great time.

Since Starfield spent almost a decade in development, Microsoft and Bethesda have high expectations for the game. For Microsoft, Starfield serves as the beginning of a massive first-party lineup

On the other hand, Bethesda expects the RPG to be its biggest launch to date, leaving games like The Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4 behind.

Why it matters: The RPG marks Bethesda’s first new IP in over two decades, which comes with a lot of expectations when the studio has created iconic titles like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout in the past.


During a recent interview with BBC, Todd Howard talked about Starfield’s launch and the studio’s expectations for the game. He stated:

 “I’m told we’re expecting more people playing this launch than anything we’ve ever done before.”

This is a bold claim when the studio’s history is filled with genre-defining titles like The Elder Scrolls 4.

Bethesda’s last release, Fallout 4, sold over 12 million units worldwide on its first day of release. The studio found unprecedented success with this title, but Bethesda appears confident that Starfield can go one step further.

Compared to Fallout 4, Starfield has the benefit of Xbox Game Pass. It will launch on the subscription service already home to millions of users, making it easier for the space RPG to reach a wider audience.

A report claims Starfield has already reached over 2 million users in early access, so the game is off to a great start. However, it remains to be seen if it will be able to measure up to the studio’s expectations.


During the interview, Todd Howard also reflected on the game’s exclusivity. He claimed that exclusivity helped the game, allowing Bethesda to focus development on a single platform.

At the time of writing, Starfield has been out for one day. The internet is filled with fans discussing the game, sharing videos, and spending time in the ambitious sci-fi universe.

However, Bethesda has set a high benchmark for the game, and measuring up to the likes of The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is no easy task. Therefore, it will be interesting to see the game evolve over the next few days.

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