Starfield Receives Very Positive Reviews On Steam At Launch

86% of 13.5K Reviews Are Positive!

Starfield has been well-received so far, but certain parts of the game have also been criticized. This includes the low quality of NPC models and a lack of seamless space travel.

However, these negatives have not overshadowed the positive parts of Starfield and its RPG systems. In early access alone, the RPG has reached over 2 million players across Xbox and Steam.

Following the game’s full launch yesterday, Bethesda Game Studios has opened up Starfield to millions of new players, and the game has received very positive reviews on Steam so far.

Why it matters: The reviews highlight that Bethesda Game Studios has just launched another game that may go on to develop a legacy similar to popular RPGs like The Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 3.

Starfield Steam Positive Reviews
Source: Steam

The game has over 13.5K reviews on Steam currently, with 86% of the total reviews being positive.

Following the early access, the user reviews are filled with many players who have invested as many as 50 hours into the game. This extensive experience has allowed such players to understand the game better than those who have just begun their adventures.

Users have pointed to strengths like fewer bugs than Bethesda Game Studios’ earlier releases and the fact that it harkens to the strengths of previous RPGs from the studio.

Many users in the reviews have dubbed it ‘Skyrim in space,’ claiming that this was enough reason for them to sink hundreds of hours in Starfield’s world. However, it should be noted that this is just the initial wave of reviews.

Since the game is now available to everyone, thousands of new reviews are expected in the coming days. Therefore, the overall sentiment may shift in some way over this period.


Compared to Steam, Starfield has received similar scores from critics. The game stands at a Metacritic rating of 88/100 and 86/100 across PC and Xbox, respectively.

Among other accolades, the game has reached over 250K concurrent users on Steam alone, but this figure is expected to rise by a large margin over the weekend.

Starfield brings Bethesda Game Studios’ first new IP in two decades to life on PC and Xbox Series S|X consoles.

Following 8 years of development and 5 years of anticipation since the announcement, the game has finally landed in the hands of players worldwide, leading to an exciting time for fans of RPGs and Bethesda Game Studios’ previous work.

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