How Does Counter-Strike 2 Play Nearly 8 Months After Launch?

Initially launched in late 2023, Counter-Strike 2 was received poorly, but how does it fare around 8 months after its launch?

Insider Believes Next-Gen Xbox Console Will Support Steam

A reliable insider has claimed that Steam, a launcher exclusive to PC, will be available with the next-gen Xbox console.

Helldivers 2 & Ghost of Tsushima Removed From Unsupported PSN Regions on PC

Following Sony's decision to halt sales of its PC ports in unsupported regions, the Steam page has completely vanished in these countries.

Ghost of Tsushima Becomes #1 Steam Best-Seller Before Launch

While PlayStation has removed Ghost of Tsushima in most of the world's countries, it has shot up to the top of Steam's best-seller charts.

Steam Blames Sony For Delisting Helldivers 2 In Over 100 Countries

It seems Sony was behind the recent Helldivers 2 controversy, with Valve pointing to the gaming giant as the culprit.

Helldivers 2 Became Top PC Game By Total Revenue In Q1 2024

Helldivers 2 was the clear winner of PC gaming between January and March, beating everything else, including established IPs.

Helldivers 2 Review Bombed After Requiring PlayStation Account on PC

Helldivers 2 is being review bombed on Steam after the introduction of PlayStation account connectivity for online gameplay.

Steam Continues To Reign Supreme As Best PC Launcher

Steam is the king of PC gaming, standing atop the pile of abandoned storefronts that failed to stand the test of time.

Dead Island 2 Becomes Steam’s Top-Selling Game At Launch

Dead Island 2 became the best-seller on Steam the day after launch due to high anticipation and a discounted price.

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