Starfield DLSS 3 Mod Provides Huge FPS Boost With Frame Generation

Increase FPS With Frame Generation!

Starfield will open its vast universe of 1,000 planets to the public on September 6. Bethesda Game Studios aims to deliver unparalleled freedom with the game, with players embarking on a journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.

Now available in early access, Starfield is already living up to the promise of a Bethesda Game Studios release. The title has developed a strong modding community in less than a week, with over 100 mods available.

One such mod addresses upscaling technology in the RPG, adding frame generation and DLSS 3.5 to the title.

Why it matters: DLSS is unanimously considered the better upscaling technology compared to FSR due to its superior image quality and AI-generated frames.


The video above shows DLSS tested with a GeForce RTX 4090 at 4K resolution with nearly maxed-out settings.

Using DLSS 3.5, Starfield shows about 25% higher frame rates than native performance, reaching nearly 92FPS. This average frame rate is improved further once frame generation is enabled.

Frame generation is exclusive to the GeForce RTX 40 series of graphics cards and relies on AI-generated frames. The video shows that average frame rates nearly double once frame generation is enabled, reaching around 137FPS.

Comparing the DLSS 3.5 mod with AMD FSR 2.2, DLSS 3.5 provides a sharper image after upscaling.

On the other hand, FSR 2.2 is also well implemented, highlighting the combined efforts of AMD and Bethesda Game Studios after the two signed a partnership for Starfield on PC.

Nonetheless, modders have delivered on the promise of DLSS for Starfield. Nvidia graphics card owners on PC can download the mod from Nexus mods, and PC gamers should stay tuned for even more impressive mods for Starfield in the future.

Games like The Elder Scrolls 5 and Fallout 4 have been transformed by their modding communities, and similar levels of support are expected for Starfield. If the addition of 100 mods at release is anything to go by, Starfield may go down as Bethesda Game Studios’ most modded title to date.

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