Switch Still In High Demand Due To Unique Hybrid Design, Claims Nintendo

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Handheld Mode Sets It Apart From Competitors!

The Nintendo Switch has sold over 129 million consoles to date. This sales figure makes it the most successful console from the last generation and one of Nintendo’s best endeavors in the gaming industry.

While the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to be targeting a 2024 release, the Nintendo Switch has shown no signs of slowing down. The console is doing better than ever, consistently outselling consoles like the PS5 in Japan each week.

During a recent interview, the President of Nintendo of America addressed the console’s current success, claiming that its high demand can be attributed to its unique design, which provides a different experience than the competition.

Why it matters: Prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch, the gaming giant was struggling to sell the Wii U. However, its latest console immediately helped it reach the top of the industry in a few years.

During a recent interview with IGN, Doug Bowser talked about the continued demand for the console despite the nearing end of its lifespan.

When asked about the lifespan of the Nintendo Switch, Doug Bowser said that he had stopped counting the years of the console’s life. This was partially due to the unique features of the console.

He pointed to the fact that gamers can take the console on the go or play it at home on their preferred display. This process is also seamless, requiring little effort to make the switch between handheld and docked mode. He further stated:

“It’s maintained that point of differentiation over the years quite nicely.”

Doug Bowser believes that the hybrid approach has given the console an edge over the competition as it leads to more versatility.

Nintendo Switch

He also pointed to Nintendo’s appeal to younger audiences. The Nintendo Switch provides a more family-friendly experience, and the hybrid model allows family members to take it on the go, keeping younger Nintendo fans engaged.

Apart from the console’s unique design, the Nintendo Switch has an extremely strong library of first-party games.

The recently released Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is in the race for Game of The Year in 2023 and has already sold over 18 million units. These strengths have culminated in Nintendo’s best-received console of the last decade.

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