Minecraft Gets Another Rating For Xbox Series S|X

Current-Gen Version With Ray Tracing Expected!

Last month, Minecraft was rated for the Xbox Series X|S consoles. This rating alluded to the long-awaited current-generation version of the game, which was expected to bring features like ray tracing to the popular game on Xbox.

Following the rating, fans hoped for an announcement during Gamescom, but nothing was said about Minecraft at the event. While this was disappointing, another rating has hinted at the current-generation version.

The ESRB has now rated Minecraft for Xbox Series S|X.

Why it matters: Various games have received updates and re-releases for enhancements that utilize the new hardware of the current-generation consoles, and Minecraft’s position as one of the biggest games makes it suitable for a similar upgrade.

Minecraft Xbox Series S|X
Source: ESRB

Since the game has received ratings from more than a single source, an enhanced version seems more likely than before.

Minecraft currently lacks ray tracing support on Xbox Series S|X. Ray tracing has been widely adopted as an industry standard, and the new Xbox consoles already have many games using the technology.

Unlike new releases, Minecraft has supported ray tracing for several years on PC, leading to disappointment from fans who have yet to receive a new version of the sandbox game on the capable Xbox Series S|X consoles.

Nonetheless, the ratings suggest that a new version is finally coming soon, with the ratings potentially being followed by an announcement in the coming days.


The ESRB has been known to rate games as they approach release, sometimes spilling the beans on projects before an official announcement. Therefore, the rating has already led to speculation about a new iteration of this successful title.

Minecraft has remained popular in the industry for over 13 years, selling over 200 million copies to earn a position among the industry’s best-selling and biggest games.

The title is also no stranger to re-releases, as it has already been released on several consoles since 2009. Therefore, the potential new iteration has led to plenty of excitement for the most advanced version of the game on consoles to date.

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