Minecraft Has Been Rated For Xbox Series S|X In Germany

Points To Current-Gen Update With Ray Tracing!

Minecraft has been an iconic release of the gaming industry for well over a decade. With over 200 million copies sold and multiple re-releases, it holds the title of the best-selling release in the industry.

As a result of various re-releases, Minecraft is available on modern consoles like the Xbox Series S|X. However, the game has not been updated to take advantage of Microsoft’s most recent console offerings.

This has been a common criticism among Xbox fans, but Microsoft may be looking to address the criticism soon. Minecraft has just been rated in Germany for Xbox Series S|X.

Why it matters: Games are usually rated close to release, and ratings have been known to reveal upcoming releases before official announcements.

Minecraft Rating
Source: USK

Since the game has been rated, an announcement may be right around the corner.

Fans have long been waiting for a new version of Minecraft that utilizes the capabilities of the Xbox Series S|X to deliver features like ray tracing. Since these features are already part of the PC version, Microsoft may finally bring them to consoles.

The gaming giant is headed to Gamescom later this month. With a massive presence at the event, an announcement or teaser for the update could be made next week.

While the rating provides strong evidence for a future update, fans should note that nothing has been officially announced yet.

As such, Microsoft may not reveal much for the next few months, but fans will be glad to know that a new update for Minecraft is highly likely to be in development for the Xbox Series S|X consoles.

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