Lords of the Fallen Dev Discussing Plans To Offer Demo

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No Demo Confirmed But Discussions Underway!

Lords of the Fallen was first released nearly a decade ago, in 2014, and the franchise is returning with a new game in 2023. Sharing the same name, the sequel was announced last year and is set to be released on October 13.

Recent footage shows that Lords of the Fallen delivers everything fans seek in a competent souls-like experience. The grand bosses, rewarding combat, and intriguing lore are all part of the upcoming release.

Many had also hoped for a demo before release to try the souls-like before pulling the trigger on a purchase. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed, but internal discussions about a potential demo are underway.

Why it matters: Demos are rare for AAA titles but present a great opportunity for budget-conscious buyers. They can also help studios reach wider audiences through an incredible first impression.

Lords of the Fallen

In a recent interview with MP1st, Creative Director Cezar Virtosu discussed the possibility of a demo in the near future. When asked about a demo before release, he stated:

“While the idea of a demo is currently shelved for the time being, we are still discussing this internally.”

This may be disappointing for souls-like fans looking to try the game, but the studio has not completely denied the possibility of a future demo.

Previously, various games have added trials and demos after release to offer a small taste. Therefore, Lords of the Fallen could follow suit and offer a small slice of gameplay since the developer is discussing such possibilities at the moment.

However, this statement also means that a demo is unlikely to be made available before release.

With the release drawing nearer, the developers have confirmed that Lords of the Fallen will support 60FPS on both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Furthermore, it offers around 30 hours of souls-like gameplay.

In traditional souls-like fashion, HexWorks has included plenty of variety in builds and combat to incentivize multiple playthroughs. All of this has made Lords of the Fallen a highly anticipated addition to the popular genre in 2023.

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