Red Dead Redemption Reaches Top Spot Among PS Store Trending Games

Hinting At Successful Release Despite Backlash!

Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010, and the game is still loved by a massive fandom. Having sold over 25 million units, the title is gearing up for another successful run on modern PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.

Following various teasers and rumors, fans of Rockstar Games were looking forward to an enhanced version of the game on PC and modern consoles. Despite the excitement, the game was later revealed as a port without massive changes.

This led to outrage, and many fans claimed that they would boycott the release. However, Red Dead Redemption reached the top trending games on the PlayStation Store ahead of its release.

Why it matters: The top trending spot highlights growing interest in the game. It also shows that Rockstar Games and Take-Two will likely see millions of sales for the game.

Since the game was not available to pre-order, it was difficult to judge pre-release anticipation for Red Dead Redemption.

However, the trending spot means users are highly curious about the port. This should not be surprising since millions of new gamers were introduced to the IP with Red Dead Redemption 2.

PS4 and PS5 consoles had no way of playing the game natively until now, so many users were likely motivated to anticipate the release. For these reasons, the ports are expected to perform well on PlayStation.

Following the reveal trailer, users flooded the official Rockstar Games video with dislikes on Youtube, leaving over 100K dislikes in a short period. This made the trailer one of the most disliked videos from Rockstar Games.

Many were concerned about the price tag of the game as it costs $50, while Microsoft platforms have access to a similarly enhanced version for a lower price. Responding to this, Take-Two claimed that the Red Dead Redemption port provides great value.

Nonetheless, the backlash does not appear to have become a massive hurdle for the game, with the trending position foreshadowing a successful release.

While the trending spot does not directly translate to sales, a large percentage of users interested in the game are likely to have already made up their minds about the purchase.

Red Dead Redemption is now available to purchase for PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. Owners of Xbox consoles can also find a cheaper copy and enjoy the game with Xbox Series X enhancements on the latest console.

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