Take Two Believes Red Dead Redemption Port Provides Great Value

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"We Believe Price Is Commercially Accurate!"

Recently, Rockstar made a much-awaited announcement for Red Dead Redemption. While many were hoping for a remaster or remake, the game is being ported to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

This has led to mixed reactions, with thousands of dislikes on the trailer. One reason for the outrage was the hefty $50 price tag, with fans deeming it unjustifiable for a decade-old game.

However, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, recently commented on the $50 price tag of the Red Dead Redemption Port, and he does not see much wrong with the asking price.

Why it matters: Red Dead Redemption has been available on Microsoft platforms for a long time with 4K support on the Xbox Series X. This version can also be found for a much lower price than $50.

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Speaking to IGN, Strauss Zelnick stated:

“That’s just what we believe is the commercially accurate price for it.”

Hannah Sage from Take-Two also defended the $50 price tag and explained that the port includes Undead Nightmare in addition to the base game. According to Hannah Sage, Undead Nightmare:

“was a great standalone game in its own right when it was originally released.”

She believes the $50 price tag includes a great bundle and provides great value for consumers.

IGN also asked Strauss Zelnick about a potential PC port for Red Dead Redemption. He refused to say much on this matter, claiming that it would be up to developers to make an announcement.

The port is scheduled to release on August 17 for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and the announcement has been met with widespread disapproval on YouTube, with over 100K dislikes on Rockstar’s channel alone.

Fans believe the price is unjustified, but the Take-Two CEO disagrees with this sentiment. Nonetheless, fans looking to buy the game might be best off waiting for price drops and future sales.

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