Red Dead Redemption Port Flooded With Dislikes On Youtube

Nearly 80K Dislikes On Rockstar's Channel Alone!

Following several weeks of rumors and speculation, a new announcement was made for Red Dead Redemption yesterday. Much to everyone’s disappointment, Rockstar Games is not making massive enhancements to the game.

The announcement does not advertise new features like 60FPS, leading to little hope for the game. This has led to outrage from the gaming community, with fans expressing their frustration over the port.

Many also took to Rockstar Games’ Youtube channel, leaving thousands of dislikes on the Red Dead Redemption announcement trailer.

Why it matters: Games like Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime Remastered have set a new standard for gaming re-releases. Therefore, fans believe a simple port for new consoles is not worth the full price.

Red Dead Redemption
Source: Youtube

As seen above, Rockstar Games’ Youtube channel has accumulated nearly 80K dislikes on the announcement trailer.

The video was uploaded less than 24 hours ago and currently has just over 600K views. This means that over 10% of the viewers left a dislike. Combining the dislikes from other videos means it has gathered over 100K dislikes.

In addition to the lack of meaningful updates, fans are frustrated over the $50 asking price. Despite its excellent gameplay and narrative, Red Dead Redemption was released over 13 years ago.

Therefore, Rockstar Games is demanding a nearly full price for a decade-old game. On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption is already available to Xbox users via backward compatibility.

The game can be purchased for less than $10 on Xbox during sales, and this version includes a higher resolution. It remains to be seen if such features will be part of the new port, but the announcement does not inspire much confidence.

PC gamers are also upset. Red Dead Redemption requires emulation to be played on the platform, and many had hoped that the studio would release a native version for the large audience on the platform.

YouTube video

While a PC port could be released later, the announcement suggests that the game will be limited to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Fans can watch the trailer above for a good look at the upcoming port.

Many had already expressed concerns after the abysmal GTA Trilogy, which appear to have been valid. The game may not end up a terrible release like the GTA Trilogy, but the studio has disappointed fans for the second time in a short period.

Nonetheless, Red Dead Redemption will be released on August 17. The port should allow new fans to experience the game on modern consoles, but fans are advised to wait for a sale to grab the game.

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