Xbox Series S|X Went Through ‘Strong Jump In UK Sales’ Thanks To Starfield

Starfield Is A System Seller For Xbox Series S|X!

Starfield is the biggest console exclusive for the Xbox Series S|X. The game has already captured millions of explorers through its jaw-dropping scope, endearing characters, and quirkiness like previous Bethesda games.

Bethesda had already expected a massive launch for the game, but it appears to have gone beyond any expectations. According to a new report, Starfield has led to a surge in console sales for the Xbox Series S|X in the UK.

Why it matters: Microsoft was betting big with Starfield, hoping to break new records and achieve its biggest first-party title since games like Halo 3 and Gears of War established themselves on the Xbox 360.

The report comes from Gamesindustry’s Christopher Dring. He has not revealed the exact statistics yet, but his previous track record of accurate sales data from the UK leaves little room for doubt.

According to the report, the recently released 1TB Xbox Series S has also had a positive impact on console sales. Microsoft offered the new console for $350, adding more storage to its popular option for budget gamers.

Prior to its release, Starfield had already begun to show its impact on console sales, boosting the sales of the Xbox Series X by 1000% on Amazon, and the game appears to be continuing this momentum.

The report also notes Xbox has been struggling with hardware sales this generation. Latest figures from Microsoft confirm the two consoles have sold over 21 million units to date, but this figure puts it behind Xbox One in a comparable period.

However, Starfield is expected to be just one piece of Microsoft’s puzzle of first-party games. The gaming giant expects to use the game as a jumping-off point, launching as many as four first-party games each year.

Such measures should ensure that the Xbox Series S|X continue to flourish after the recent push from Starfield’s excitement.

Xbox Series S Carbon Black Now Available

While Starfield has been released, Xbox is yet to release Forza Motorsport in 2023.

The simulation reboot for Microsoft’s popular racing franchise is due for release next month, and new details confirm it supports 4K gameplay on the Xbox Series X and 1440p on the Xbox Series S.

Starfield has already reached millions of players across all platforms, with Phil Spencer confirming it has surpassed over 1 million concurrent players.

Many consider the game a console seller for Xbox, but Xbox has a future lineup that looks equally impressive. With games like Fable, Hellblade 2, and Avowed lined up for 2023 and beyond, the Xbox Series S|X consoles appear to have just begun their successful run in the console market.

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