Xbox Series X|S Consoles Reportedly Sold Over 21 Million Units

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Xbox One Also Sold Over 58 Million Units!

Xbox Series X|S were released nearly three years ago alongside the PlayStation 5. While the PS5 has been performing well, fans have been curious to learn about the sales figures for the Xbox consoles.

A recent presentation from ID@Xbox confirms the sales numbers for the two consoles. According to the presentation, Xbox Series X|S consoles have sold over 21 million units since release.

Why it matters: Sony and Nintendo regularly provide updated console sales figures. However, Microsoft has not provided updated numbers for several years.

Microsoft revealed the total sales of the Xbox Series X|S during an ID@Xbox presentation at a festival in Brazil.

It also revealed that the total sales of the three Xbox consoles surpassed 79 million units, where 58 million are just from the Xbox One. The presentation further confirms that the Xbox Series S has been a success, with 48% of owners being new to Xbox.

Last year the company revealed that Xbox One sold less than half of PS4 units worldwide, providing a rough estimate of about 50 million. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S|X consoles are also trailing behind the PS5 sales.

The PS5 has sold more than 38 million units, and according to Jim Ryan, PS5 can exceed 108 Million units in its life. This means PlayStation’s latest console has sold nearly twice as many units as the Xbox Series X|S.

While the sales figures are not on par with PlayStation, Microsoft is taking a different approach to the gaming industry.

The gaming giant is more interested in bringing players to Game Pass and the Xbox ecosystem. This also includes players enjoying Xbox Game Studios titles on platforms like PC.

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