Xbox Series S 1TB Now Available For $350

More Storage And New Color For $350!

The Xbox Series S 1TB is here, with more storage and a new look at an affordable price of $350. The console is now available at different retailers, providing a new option to budget customers.

Why it matters: The Xbox Series S provides access to current-generation games at nearly half the price of the Xbox Series X, and the latest model includes more storage for an additional $50.

Xbox Series S Carbon Black Now Available

With the same technical specifications as the original model, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference and budget considerations.

The Xbox Series S primarily caters to gamers at 1080p or 1440p resolutions, and its upscaling capabilities ensure that games look stunning despite the lower resolution.

This black color adds a low-profile look to the console while opening up new possibilities thanks to 1 TB of storage, making the Xbox Series S Carbon Black a game-changer for those looking to go the extra mile without breaking the bank.

Modern games like Starfield have begun to consume over 100 GB of storage. Therefore, Microsoft has provided an essential but affordable option for new gamers looking to join the Xbox Series S|X ecosystem.


Microsoft has a promising lineup of first-party games in 2024 and beyond, and Game Pass ensures Xbox owners always have instant access to these games at launch.

Therefore, the 1 TB storage of the Xbox Series S Carbon Black will come in handy as Microsoft begins delivering a continuous wave of first-party titles for the console.

Microsoft has timed the console’s release alongside Starfield, incentivizing new users to consider the more practical variant of the budget console.

The Xbox Series S is designed exclusively for digital gaming and offers a more affordable entry point into the world of current-generation gaming. It can run the same games as the Xbox Series X, albeit at lower resolutions and frame rates.

This focus on current-generation gaming and a digital library makes the 1 TB model a worthy addition to Microsoft’s current lineup of console offerings in 2023.

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