Xbox Series X Saw 1000% Increase In Amazon Sales Thanks To Starfield

Xbox Series X Sales Skyrocketing On Amazon!

Starfield has taken around eight years for development, but the game has finally gone gold. With reviews and early access right around the corner, the anticipation from Xbox users is at an all-time high.

This anticipation has carried over to the sales of the Xbox Series X, with the console receiving a 100% boost in sales due to Starfield.

Why it matters: Starfield is arguably Bethesda’s biggest IP to date, and Microsoft is heavily investing in the game as it is also an important first-party release.

In April 2023, the sales of Xbox Series X were down by 30% from the previous year, which caused some concerns. However, after the Xbox Showcase and Starfield Direct, fans have much to look forward to, leading to more interest in the console than before.

Amazon is currently selling 10 times as many Xbox Series X consoles as normal. This sales boost is a result of Microsoft’s recent marketing and publicity efforts for the highly-anticipated RPG release.

Microsoft has high hopes for Starfield as the gaming giant expects record-breaking revenue in Q1 FY24 after its launch. If the Xbox Series X sales on Amazon are anything to go by, this is not too far-fetched.

While Starfield is the biggest contributor to the anticipation, Microsoft also has a strong first-party lineup ahead. The gaming giant recently claimed that Starfield is just the starting gun for this lineup.

Forza Motorsport is already scheduled for 2023, and games like Hellblade 2 will continue to ensure quality single-player offerings from the gaming giant in 2024. Phil Spencer has also suggested Microsoft may need multiple showcases each year for this lineup.

The last week has been very exciting for Starfield. Microsoft’s marketing is in full swing, and an early review impression claims to have found no bugs in the first 15 hours of the game, breaking away from the traditional Bethesda Game Studios release.

Unlike other Bethesda Game Studios RPGs, Starfield has seen incredible polish before release. The game has already been updated to build v1.6.35.0, leading to more excitement for a polished release.

All of these aspects and more have helped the sales of the Xbox Series X skyrocket and reach new heights on Amazon.

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