Starfield Build Updates Hint At Extremely Polished Release

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Build Already Updated Several Times To v1.6!

Starfield promises to take players on a grand journey through outer space. Comprising 1000 planets, the sky, and imagination are the only limiting factors in the seemingly infinite potential of the upcoming RPG.

However, this unlimited potential comes with the fear of a buggy release at launch. Bethesda Game Studios has earned a reputation of less than stellar releases, but the developer hopes to set a new precedent with Starfield.

As spotted by fans on Twitter, Starfield has already gone through various updates, hinting at the most polished release from the studio to date.

Why it matters: Patches and updates can be game-changers for poor and broken releases. However, they take time to develop, and it is possible that the last year of development was spent on such updates for Starfield.

As seen above, Starfield will launch with build v1.6.35.0. It is not common in the gaming industry for titles to release with later revisions since the industry has become accustomed to the practice of patching games after release.

The Twitter user makes a comparison with Fallout 4, which launched with build v1.1.0.0. Following its launch, Bethesda Game Studios continued to update Fallout 4, and it took four years to reach build v1.34.

While this alone is not enough to believe Starfield will be a polished release, a recent reviewer has also claimed that the game exhibited zero bugs in the first fifteen hours of playtime.

Putting two and two together, it is highly likely that Bethesda Game Studios took extensive care to ensure Starfield’s best qualities were not ignored due to a buggy release.

Previously, Matt Booty made a bold claim, stating that the RPG would be Bethesda Game Studios’ least buggy release to date. Therefore, it is possible that the recent delays were entirely focused on polishing various aspects of the RPG.

Early access owners are less than two full weeks away from the epic space RPG adventure. With reviews scheduled for August 31 and the full release on September 6, nearly twenty years of ambitions from Bethesda Game Studios are about to be realized in the form of an epic release in the gaming industry.

Starfield has made bold claims and promises, and each new piece of information about the game hints that it will not end up being a disappointment.

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