Starfield Officially Set To Release On September 6th 2023

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Developer Direct Coming on June 11!

Microsoft’s most important first-party title for 2023 has a new release date. In a recent video, Todd Howard addressed Starfield fans worldwide, and a new release date for the game was also announced. 

Starfield is now scheduled for September 6, 2023

Previously, Microsoft announced that games featured in last year’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase would release within 12 months. 

This meant that Starfield would be out before July 2023, but Microsoft appears to have backtracked on that statement. However, this should mean that Starfield will release in a better and more polished state. 

A recent rumor claimed that Starfield is in rough shape. While the validity of this rumor remains questionable, a delay could alleviate some of the issues if the rumor is accurate and reliable. 

Starfield will also get a developer direct dedicated to the game on June 11. Fans can expect plenty of new information as well as new gameplay footage at this event.

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