New Leak Hints Redfall And Starfield Are In Rough State

Microsoft Pushing Early Release To Cover Losses!

Starfield is the latest open-world RPG from the developer behind industry-leading franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Millions of Bethesda fans are excited about the latest work from the studio, and Microsoft is also looking to lead their first-party line-up with Starfield.

While Starfield is set to release in the first half of 2023, a new leak concerns the game. A Resetera user previously leaked the release date for Hi-Fi Rush and has now mentioned that Starfield is not in great shape.

Starfield Redfall
Source: Reset Era

Additionally, the user has also talked about Arkane Studio’s Redfall. The game will be released on May 2, but Redfall could be disappointing.

However, the leaker believes that Starfield is in even worse condition, and Bethesda wants more time for the game. If Microsoft agrees with the developer, Starfield could be pushed further into 2023, targeting a Fall 2023 release period.

Starfield is the most ambitious project from Bethesda Game Studios. The game boasts 1000 planets to explore, with interesting mechanics like potential space piracy.

Recently, sources also claimed that playtesters were impressed with Starfield’s scope. However, the leak paints a different picture of Bethesda’s most anticipated release. The studio has already disappointed fans with Fallout 76, and it would be challenging for Xbox and Microsoft to see Starfield suffer a similar fate.

The leak blames Microsoft Azure losses (ending the 2022 fiscal year with an operating loss of almost $3 billion) for the supposedly rushed state of Starfield and Redfall. However, nothing is set in stone yet, and it would be best to wait for more information from Microsoft and the developers. 

Given the massive scope of Bethesda Game Studios’ worlds, fans might not get to play another Bethesda game for many years. The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 are likely very far out, and Starfield’s potential failure could also spell disaster for those games.

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