Todd Howard Reveals Starfield Could Have Had Way More Than 1000 Planets

1000 Planets For A Reason!

Starfield is an action role-playing video game that Bethesda is developing. Originally scheduled to debut on November 11, 2022, but the game wasn’t in the finest shape it was postponed to 2023.

Following all of the information about the game, it has received a lot of attention. One of the exciting features that got Starfield a lot of attention was the fact it has over 1000 planets to explore.

But now, Todd Howard has revealed in a podcast with Lex Fridman that Starfield could have had more than 1000 planets, but naming, describing, and having a distinct feeling about each one was why they stopped at around 1000.

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The fact that Starfield has 1000 planets is already a pretty significant number, but having more than that would have been astounding; perhaps they can add more planets to the game after its release.

Additionally, we discovered from the podcast that, depending on the planet you are visiting, different space suits will react differently to gases, toxicity, and temperature; we also learned that you wouldn’t be stranded out in space with no fuel, as it is a “fun-killer.”

Todd Howard also revealed in the podcast that not putting Starfield on PS5 helps with focus and that they have always primarily focused on the Xbox console. He added that top Xbox engineers are helping them with Starfield development on the Xbox Series X/S.

Starfield will also have Ray Tracing and will allow players to become Space Pirates, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to travel from planet to planet on a spaceship, which is a bit saddening.

We are excited to see how Starfield turns out, as fans expect great things. This is the limited information we have for now, but we will be looking for more news regarding Starfield in the future.

What do you think about Todd Howard saying Starfield could have had more than 1000 planets? Let us know in the comments section.

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