Todd Howard

Starfield Was Designed To Be Explored For Many Years, Says Todd Howard

The longevity of past Bethesda games meant that the studio knew Starfield would be played for a long time after release.

Starfield Ship AI Was Intentionally Made Stupid, Claims Todd Howard

Starfield developers had to intentionally nerf enemy AI to ensure it would not overwhelm players in heated combat.

Todd Howard Believes Starfield Was Made Better Due To Exclusivity

Todd Howard appears to be satisfied with Starfield's exclusivity, claiming it helps yield a better gaming product.

Indiana Jones: Todd Howard Hints At New Reveal For Next Year

Todd Howard appears to have pointed toward more information for MachineGames' Indiana Jones coming over the course of 2024.

Starfield: Todd Howard Thanked The Community Ahead Of Release

With Starfield just around the corner, Director Todd Howard has taken to Reddit, thanking fans for their continued support.

Elder Scrolls 6: Todd Howard Aiming For Ultimate Fantasy Simulation

Todd Howard, the popular Director from Bethesda, wants to make The Elder Scrolls 6 an ultimate fantasy simulator.

Starfield Takes Inspiration From Interstellar, Confirms Todd Howard

During an exclusive event featuring Starfield, it was revealed that the game took inspiration from Interstellar.

Todd Howard Reveals Starfield Could Have Had Way More Than 1000 Planets

Starfield could have had more than 1000 planets, but naming and detailing them all would have been challenging.

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