Starfield Takes Inspiration From Interstellar, Confirms Todd Howard

One More Reason To Be Excited About Starfield!

Starfield, Bethesda’s most massive game, will be released in early access in less than ten days. Days before release, Gamescom provided the gaming giant another opportunity to highlight the game for the masses.

In addition to a live presentation during Opening Night Live, Bethesda Game Studios conducted a behind-closed-doors look for the media. During the look, Todd Howard pointed to Interstellar as a massive inspiration for Starfield.

Why it matters: Interstellar is highly regarded as one of the best science fiction movies by an iconic Director. This is great news for the epic space RPG since it shows Bethesda Game Studios looked up to some of the best works for inspiration.

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According to GamesRadar, Todd Howard revealed this information while speaking of his admiration of Writer Jonathan Nolan. Todd Howard said:

 “One of the movies which inspired Starfield is the movie Interstellar.” 

This statement transitioned to a discussion about Todd Howard’s relationship with Jonathan Nolan, with the two currently collaborating on the Fallout TV show. The press was also given a sneak peek of the TV show.

Interstellar was initially released in 2014 and quickly became a massive hit. Given the critical acclaim and the common subject of an expansive science fiction universe, this inspiration does not come as much of a surprise.

Previously, the Starfield Design Director confirmed the game took inspiration from nearly every sci-fi movie or TV show in some way. Therefore, Interstellar was always expected to have influenced the studio’s upcoming game.


Interstellar is packed with so many themes and jaw-dropping moments, making it hard to pinpoint which part directly influenced Starfield. However, Starfield is expected to perfectly capture the scope and scale of outer space.

Players will have the ability to lose themselves in a massive universe. Much like Interstellar, Starfield will present a variety of planets, some less welcoming than others, capturing the beauty and ominous nature of the world out there.

This may also suggest that the main narrative will see a bigger focus than past Bethesda releases.

Leading up to the launch, excitement for the game was already high. Starfield is currently in the hands of reviewers, and recent impressions have been extremely positive.

Nearly 40 minutes of footage from the game have also surfaced online, with early copies beginning to reach consumers in various parts of the world.

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