Starfield Reviewer Claims To Have Found No Bugs In First 15 Hours

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Expected To Be Most Polished Bethesda Game!

Earlier this week, Starfield went gold, and Bethesda Game Studios proudly announced the pre-load dates for its latest project. With less than two full weeks left before release, reviewers have also received copies of the game.

Reviews are due for August 31, but some critics have already started teasing the community with early impressions of Starfield. The game had humongous expectations, but early impressions are very promising.

According to Tyler McVicker, Starfield has shown zero bugs in the first 15 hours of his playthrough.

Why it matters: Bethesda Game Studios is known for creating ambitious open-world titles, but this has led to the studio becoming notorious for buggy and unpolished releases. However, Starfield appears to be setting a new precedent for the studio.

Starfield Bugs
Source: Reddit

Tyler McVicker is a popular Youtuber currently reviewing Starfield.

While the review embargo is over a week away, Tyler McVicker has shared early impressions of the game on Discord. Among other aspects, the reviewer had a lot of great things to say about Starfield’s visuals.

Traditionally, the Creation Engine has not been well-known for its visual fidelity, but Tyler McVicker notes that Starfield looks incredible, and this aspect of the game was a pleasant surprise for him.

Leading up to Starfield’s launch, the entire industry was concerned about bugs. This aspect of the game was also brought up during an interview with Matt Booty, during which he claimed that the game would be the least buggy release from the studio.

While the jury is still out on this statement, Tyler McVicker’s impressions appear to corroborate Matt Booty’s statement. The reviewer has already put a lot of hours into the game, and bugs have been non-existent.

Previously, Starfield was expected to release much earlier than 2023. However, Bethesda Game Studios spent several additional years on the game, likely leading to a very polished experience for the RPG.

Fans should note that this is just a small tease of things to come for Starfield.

The game is massive, and reviewers require much more time to fully explore and learn everything about the RPG. Still, this teaser should inspire confidence among those looking forward to a genre-defining release from Bethesda Game Studios.

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