Starfield: 40 Minutes of Leaked Footage Surfaced Online

Nearly An Hour of Gameplay!

As it often happens, gameplay videos of popular games are leaked weeks before their release. Similarly, 40 minutes of Starfield gameplay have been leaked on YouTube, creating excitement among the players.

The video has been removed from Youtube but can still be found on Bilibili.

Why it matters: Starfield is the most anticipated game of September, and the leak allows curious fans to get another look at the game ahead of its official release.

YouTube video

The person who leaked the gameplay is playing Starfield’s Constellation Edition, which is not the public QA build sent to content creators and critics. In the video, it can be seen that the game is being played on an Xbox Series X.

The footage starts with the same main menu screen, which was subject to criticism from an ex-Blizzard developer. Then the player moves on to the character creation, which offers a multitude of customization options.

The leak shows various cutscenes and NPC interactions, highlighting highly detailed character designs compared to previous releases from Bethesda Game Studios. An inventory menu can also be seen in the footage.

The inventory menu’s design strikes a perfect balance between beauty and utility. It provides players with a visually captivating interface, all while making inventory management effortlessly smooth.

The animations, such as those for running and shooting, exhibit a remarkable level of dynamism and fluidity that surpasses the usual standards seen in Bethesda Game Studios’ titles.

These high-quality animations make it clear that the studio spent a lot of time fine-tuning each and every gameplay mechanic.

The gameplay leak gives fans an exciting peek at Starfield’s gameplay. These glimpses show a visually stunning game world packed with intricate details and adventure possibilities.

Based on what is shown, the game’s visuals are truly breathtaking, immersing players in a vibrant universe full of opportunities. The leaked video reveals a world that beckons exploration, promising an experience that appeals to everyone’s adventurous side.

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