Alan Wake 2 Trailer Shows Intense Psychological Horror Elements

Most Impressive Trailer Yet!

Alan Wake was released in 2010, and over a decade later, Remedy Entertainment announced Alan Wake 2 during the Game Awards in 2021.

The studio’s latest project is set to be released in October, and it continues to reveal more information to build on the buzz surrounding the horror title.

Remedy Entertainment has revealed new footage for Alan Wake 2 during Gamescom, focusing on the dark and twisted nature of the game’s psychological horror elements.

Why it matters: The game has been dubbed Remedy Entertainment’s most important project despite upcoming titles like Control 2 and Max Payne Remake.

The new trailer of Alan Wake 2 focuses on the dark place, which is the dream reality created by the thoughts of Alan’s mind.

As the name suggests, it is a cruel place, and the writer has been trapped there for nearly 13 years.

This footage also marks the first major trailer focused primarily on Alan Wake. Previously, Remedy Entertainment has focused on Saga Anderson, the second playable character.

The developer has used a mix of in-game and live-action footage, exploring the psyche of Alan Wake as he begins to lose a sense of reality.

This gameplay perfectly highlights the studio’s approach to the psychological horror parts of Alan Wake 2, with the game using atmosphere and dread for a more impactful experience.

In addition to a promising narrative, Alan Wake 2 boasts cutting-edge visuals, which are also seen in the Gamescom trailer.

Previously, the Communication Director made a bold statement, claiming that the Alan Wake sequel would be the best-looking release in 2023.

These impressive visuals are once again seen in the new trailer, with the game showing massive potential to be considered an exciting addition to horror games in 2023.

Even with releases like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space dominating the genre this year, Remedy Entertainment appears to have created an impressive title for fans of the survival-horror genre.

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