Alan Wake 2 Is More Focused On Atmosphere Than Jump Scares

Story Is Above Everything In Alan Wake 2!

During the Summer Game Fest, Alan Wake 2 revealed terrifying new gameplay. The event featured more than 2 minutes of uncut gameplay leading to more anticipation for the sequel.

A few days after the reveal, more gameplay was leaked online, giving fans an even better look at the horror experience coming on October 17. Following the gameplay, the Creative Director of Alan Wake 2 discussed Remedy Entertainment’s aims with the title.

According to Sam Lake, the game will focus more on the story and atmosphere than gore and jump scares.

Why it matters: Alan Wake 2 is a much-anticipated sequel of a decade-old game. Remedy Entertainment has worked hard on the game to ensure it stands out from other horror titles.

Alan Wake 2

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sam Lake discussed the tone of Alan Wake 2. He highlighted that the game would take a different approach to the horror genre. Sam Lake said the studio is

“Leaning more on atmosphere and dread than gore or jump scares.”

Previously, jump scares have been a massive part of horror games and movies. However, modern audiences have become accustomed to this trend, and jump scares are usually criticized when used excessively.

Recent games like The Callisto Protocol can be considered examples of horror releases that relied too much on gore and jump scares. While these tropes are great when used in moderation, audiences are now looking for creative takes on the horror genre.

Therefore, Alan Wake 2 could find great success in moving away from these tropes. Sam Lake admitted the horror genre is more popular than before, but popularity allows the Director to deliver a horror story without holding back.

He also confirmed Remedy Entertainment is drawing inspiration from pieces of media like Hereditary.

Previously, Remedy Entertainment claimed that Alan Wake 2 would have the best visuals in 2023. The impressive visuals are important to the overall atmosphere, and the developer has ensured that it will not disappoint in this aspect.

The main story will also last over 20 hours, ensuring fans have plenty of time to appreciate and explore each part of Alan Wake’s horror-filled world.

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