Helldivers 2 Is So Good That Players Are Upgrading To $60 Deluxe Edition

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Fans Spending Extra To Support & Thank Developers!

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  • The standard edition of Helldivers 2 is priced at $40, but fans of the game can spend up to $60 on the Super Citizen Edition.
  • A Reddit thread shows that many have already made this jump.
  • Players are upgrading to support Arrowhead Game Studios for fair monetization.

Arrowhead Game Studios has seemingly made all the right decisions with Helldivers 2. Avoiding toxicity, pricing the game appropriately, and adopting a consumer-friendly tone are just a few of the developer’s best decisions so far.

The game’s current fame has also catapulted Arrowhead Game Studios to new levels of popularity. In fact, some Helldivers 2 players have been so impressed with the team and its efforts that they are upgrading to the $60 deluxe edition.

Why it matters: The gaming industry has its fair share of qualms with microtransactions. This practice often becomes predatory and drives away players, but the opposite seems to be true for Arrowhead Game Studios.

I upgraded to super citizen today…
byu/SatansLeftPinky inHelldivers

Taking to Reddit, fans recently discussed their spending on Helldivers 2. For reference, the game costs just $40, making it much cheaper than most new releases.

A Reddit user expressed that he finally upgraded to the Super Citizen Edition not too long ago. This edition costs an extra $20, bringing the game’s price in line with other AAA titles.

However, the Redditor was not motivated by arbitrary cosmetics or drawbacks in the base game. Instead, he wanted to support Arrowhead Game Studios.

I bought it because they deserve it.


Meanwhile, Redditor u/byllogan expressed a similar sentiment. Stating that he would have happily paid $70 for the game, the user shared that he upgraded to the Super Citizen Edition because of Arrowhead Game Studios’ fair monetization.

Helldivers 2 Arrowhead Game Studios
Helldivers 2 Has Raised The Bar For AA Games

These users highlight an interesting aspect of gaming microtransactions. Publishers often pursue overpriced monetization schemes, with games like Foamstars highlighting this approach.

Meanwhile, titles like Helldivers 2 treat their microtransactions as optional purchases, encouraging players to engage with cosmetics who would not have done so otherwise.

Users in the Reddit thread believe it should not be surprising that Arrowhead Game Studios has adopted this model. They hope that more teams will be inspired by Helldivers 2 moving forward.

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