Foamstars Microtransaction Bundles Priced As High As $45

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Some Bundles More Expensive Than The Game Itself!

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  • Square Enix’s new live service game, Foamstars, comes with ludicrously priced microtransactions.
  • The game is currently free for PS Plus subscribers but will cost $30 down the line.
  • The microtransactions are priced as high as $45.

As PlayStation continues its push towards live service titles, Foamstars is another game making headlines, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Created by Square Enix, this live-service title offers gameplay similar to Splatoon exclusively for PlayStation.

However, the microtransactions in Foamstars seem to be ridiculously priced, costing as much as $45 for cosmetic bundles.

Why it matters: Foamstars will normally cost $30. For a game that is not using the free-to-play model, these microtransaction prices are insanely high.

Foamstars offers a huge amount of customization.

You can completely change the game by personalizing the private lounge, choosing between various costumes, and more. While you can unlock customizations through in-game missions, most come at the cost of hefty microtransactions.

Fortunately, these microtransactions are limited to cosmetics only. However, considering the major focus on unlockables and customization, such high prices have become a point of contention for the players.

What makes this even more surprising is the fact that some bundles cost more than the game itself. Interestingly, Foamstars has yet to receive critic reviews despite being out on the market for a few days.

Similarly, PlayStation’s Helldivers 2 has no reviews yet despite its massive launch on Steam. We hope this won’t become a trend with PlayStation’s live-service titles moving forward.

Foamstars Gameplay Screenshot
Foamstars Gameplay Screenshot

Early impressions of Foamstars reveal a not-so-great experience. Fans are especially complaining about the extremely slow movement for a game that is supposed to be quite fast-paced.

The game borrows many elements from Splatoon but omits the best parts. Sluggish gameplay, combined with the insanely priced microtransactions, explains why Square Enix decided not to give out review copies.

Still, the game’s visual style is quite appealing, though this may not be enough to keep it relevant as a live-service title.

Meanwhile, PlayStation’s Helldivers 2 just broke God of War’s record and became the gaming giant’s biggest PC launch. However, even this game has mixed reviews on Steam at the moment.

Sony has finally begun to move into the multiplayer market. However, its first few projects have been a mixed bag, with Foamstars expected to underperform due to these microtransactions.

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