Helldivers 2: 75% Steam Reviews Positive After Troubled Launch

Started With Mixed Reviews But Developers Quickly Released Updates!

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  • Helldivers 2 is currently the best-selling title on Steam.
  • While it didn’t have a great start, the game has already gathered around 15k positive reviews on Steam.
  • Most of the comments state that they are not facing crashes or server issues in the game anymore.

Helldivers 2 was released recently, and the game had a great start as it reached over 70K concurrent players soon after being released on Steam as the best-selling title. This made it PlayStation’s biggest launch on PC.

Like a few other releases from PlayStation, Helldivers 2 wasn’t launched in the best state, coming with various issues on the first. However, developer Arrowhead’s latest patch has fixed all the problems, resulting in positive reviews for the game.

Why it matters: January and February have had no shortage of enticing releases, so developer Arrowhead faced the threat of losing its launch momentum due to mixed reviews. Suffice it to say the developer was quick to capitalize on the success.

Helldivers 2 Reviews
Source: Steam

While the game launched to mixed reception, over 75% of the reviews are now positivewith fans thanking developers for the quick response.

As seen above, Helldivers 2 has already received over 19.5K reviews on Steam, and only 4K reviews are currently negative. While it didn’t have a great start, the game has gathered over 15K positive reviews just a few days after its release.

Among many other issues that fans were facing, one of the most prominent was the matchmaking issue, preventing players from connecting to game lobbies. However, it appears that the issue has been fixed.

One reviewer stated that playing with friends is now smooth, making the game much more fun than before. Other Steam users have also been pleased with the lack of crashing in Helldivers 2 after the update.

Another Steam review noted that Arrowhead fixed the crashes just one day after launch. The studio’s decision to quickly address all issues is a major reason for the game’s continued popularity.

While contentions about the anti-cheat remain among PC gamers, this does not appear to be negatively impacting Helldivers 2 in any meaningful way. Arrowhead recently clarified its stance on the use of GameGuard.

The team explained that this anti-cheat would not collect sensitive information or reduce PC performance. You can read the complete statement explaining the decision to use GameGuard here.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Features Extensive Co-op

Since these updates went live, the game exceeded over 100K concurrent players on the platform, making it the first PlayStation game to do so.

Following these positive reviews, Helldivers 2 has become one of the most-played games on Steam. It has also beaten free-to-play titles like Call of Duty, making it quite surprising for everyone tracking the title’s progress.

This is a great start for Sony’s live service focus, as Helldivers 2 is the first of the many titles Sony is creating as part of its live service ambitions.

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