Stellar Blade Already 2nd Most Pre-Ordered PlayStation Game

Impressive Results 2 Months Before Launch!

Story Highlights
  • Stellar Blade is currently amongst the best-selling PS5 games globally.
  • It stands as the second best-selling game on the PlayStation Store and the top game on Amazon.
  • The sales figures are massive, considering it doesn’t come out till April 2024.

Stellar Blade is slated for a release in April 2024. Despite the launch being around two years away, it’s already selling quite well.

The game currently sits at anywhere from the first to third position in sales across the globe, suggesting that the anticipation for this PlayStation exclusive has exploded after the recent State of Play.

Why it matters: Stellar Blade is a crucial part of PlayStation’s exclusive lineup for 2024. While the game was not expected to measure up to other AAA releases, these results are quite shocking.

On the PlayStation Store, Stellar Blade is the second-best-selling game at the time of writing. Platforms like Amazon show even better results, with the title taking the top spot in different regions like the US and Canada.

For a game that is quite far from release, these numbers are massive. The game has even surpassed Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, a game many believe is PlayStation’s biggest release of the year.

These figures are expected to increase as the launch draws nearer. Shift Up recently revealed why they chose PS5 as the sole platform for Stellar Blade, and these numbers suggest that the team did not make the wrong decision.

Stellar Blade
Eve from Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade has attracted a lot of attention for various reasons. From the interesting character design to the DMC-inspired combat system, this game seems to offer a unique experience compared to most games released today.

It will also provide plenty of content, justifying the $70 price tag. Stellar Blade will offer about 25 hours of story content, while completionists will be looking at somewhere from 30 to 50 hours of playtime.

It is more than justified to say that Shift Up’s first major title is off to a flying start. With the game currently up for pre-orders, Stellar Blade is headed toward a promising release, making the long wait worth it for the fans.

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