Starfield Is Not Headed To PS5, Says Insider Amid Recent Reports

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Insider Backtracks After Initial Reports!

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  • Earlier reports stated that Starfield would be heading to PS5 later this year.
  • One insider who corroborated these reports has claimed that this information was false.
  • He still believes games like Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves will go multiplatform soon.

Last week, reports of multiplatform releases shook the Xbox fandom. It began with hints of Starfield heading to the PS5, and other reports soon followed, hinting at games like Indiana Jones following suit.

This situation led to chaos among fans who did not see it coming. However, one insider has retracted his statement, claiming that Starfield is not currently planned for a PlayStation release.

Why it matters: This RPG was the biggest Xbox exclusive in the last decade. Therefore, its position as a multiplatform title could have opened the floodgates for practically every other Xbox IP going through similar treatment.

Though the original report came from XboxEra, NateTheHate was among the insiders to corroborate the information. Best known for his reports about Nintendo hardware and games, this insider has proven reliable in the past.

Several days after rumors spread like wildfire, NateTheHate tweeted that Starfield’s role in this multiplatform push was inaccurate.

Information suggesting Starfield was PS5-bound is false.


However, the insider stands by earlier claims of Xbox’s multiplatform push. NateTheHate was the one to start these rumors when he initially teased a major Xbox game heading over to other platforms.

Additional sources were able to pin down Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves as the two games most likely to be released on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms, and this plan seems to be intact.

Phil Spencer announced a business update event last week, suggesting that some changes are coming for the Xbox brand soon. As such, while Starfield might be safe as an exclusive, recent reports do not appear to be completely false.

Many are predicting that Microsoft might do away with day-one Game Pass releases. Others believe timed exclusivity is the way forward for Xbox, but there is a lack of concrete information on this situation for the time being.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Xbox and Microsoft’s gaming endeavors. For now, it might be best to wait for Phil Spencer’s update and a definitive direction for the business.

Whatever the case may be, we remain firm in the belief that Xbox should stay as a competitor to PlayStation since it helps offer valuable competition to the gaming giant.

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